Get the features you need at a price that can’t be beat

Great service is about going the extra mile and exceeding guest expectations. Perklist is a toolkit that gives you creative freedom to fully represent your brand, but includes built-in tools and capabilities to get you started today.

Feedback Surveys

Start getting more quality feedback

  • Flexible Survey Builder – Create multiple surveys to fit your goals with 8 question types to choose from.
  • Simple Response Collection – Print a QR code to display at your location, add a link to an email or your website, or send surveys through Perklist Messaging.
  • Feedback Rewards – Optionally reward people for sharing their thoughts by offering a custom perk upon survey completion that can be redeemed immediately or saved for later by creating an account.
  • Feedback Responses – See when feedback is submitted right away from your dashboard, and view feedback individually or grouped by question in the responses area.

Share news and communicate better with customers

  • Newsfeed – Post messages, images and videos to share announcements and build community.
  • Messaging – Enable two-way messaging to build digital communication channels with individual guests or groups.
  • Advanced Controls – Schedule communications for a specific day and time, segment communications by group, and enable messaging during reservation and waitlist requests.

Customize rewards for your goals

  • Flexible Rewards – Choose a name, description, and image to create custom perks.
  • Availability Control – Set who can redeem each perk, when they are available, and how they are used or earned.
  • Redemption Visibility – See when perks are used and by who so you can track and measure the usage and results.

Manage your waitlist and reservations more efficiently

  • Waitlist Me Integration – Give guests and easier way to schedule reservations that leverages all the features of Waitlist Me, plus choose who can access the features.
  • Custom Integration – Personalize the options and look and feel of your scheduling flow for customers, while using Waitlist Me to make scheduling management easy for your staff.
  • Conversational Scheduling – Utilize messaging features as a simpler option for managing reservations than fielding phone calls.

Provide a better menu experience that is easy to update

  • Flexible Menus – Create and easily edit one or multiple menus with pictures and items grouped into categories for simple navigation.
  • Interactive Customer Experience – Allow guests to search menu names and descriptions, mark items for quick comparison, and change font size for better readability.
  • Simple Discoverability – Print out a QR code or add a link from your website to make it easy for customers to view your menu in their browser or save it in the Perklist app.

Better understand your customers

  • Customer Profiles – See key information and past activity on feedback received, perks redeemed, and notes from your staff.
  • Customer Engagement – Reward, message, and interact with your customers individually or in groups you can define.
  • Simple Sign Up – Allow customers to join your program from a QR code or link or at key interaction points like when using your menu, leaving feedback, or scheduling a reservation.
Operations Dashboard

View and act on key customer interactions in one place.

  • Realtime Activity Feed – See key customer interactions as they occur in a single view, so you can take appropriate action in a timely manner.
  • Simple Actions – Respond to messages, see scheduling requests and feedback as they come in, validate perk redemptions, and perform key actions like giving a reward on the fly.
  • Interaction History – Keep tabs on the flow of completed actions and activities.