Perklist Business App Available for Admins!

There's an app for that! Perklist offers an improved mobile experience for admins through our new iOS and Android Mobile apps. Check it out today in your app store and see how the Perklist Business app helps you stay even more connected with your customers.

Perklist Business App Store

The Perklist Business app pulls all your guest activity into a common work-center where you can respond to guest messages, view survey feedback, see when new guests join your account, and more.

With more guest engagement occuring through digital channels, it's important to stay plugged in and quickly respond to guests. Our new mobile app makes this easy with your activity work-center!

Perklist Business App

Select the Hide icon next to any activity to remove it from your list and ensure nothing slips the cracks. For users who want to customize their view, they can use our filter options to personalize the information and notifications they receive from their guest activities.

In addition to your work-center, the Perklist Business app offers the ability to easily invite new guests to join your account and the ability to send personalized messages with text, images, or videos taken from your phone.

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Gain a bird's eye view of guest activity and easily stay up-to-date on activities that drive deeper engagement and build stronger relationships. We're constantly adding improvements and new functionality to the Perklist Business app, so check back in again soon for more updates. And visit here for more information about Perklist, and contact our team at with any questions.