Perklist integration improves the Waitlist Me self-scheduling experience

Waitlist Me has a set of self-scheduling features that make it easy for customers to book online reservations at businesses or add themselves to their waitlists. All a business needs to do is add the Waitlist Me widget to their website.

In some cases, businesses may want to have more control over who has access to these features for various reasons. They may only want to make reservations available to locals or they may want to let their best customers skip the line. Or they may just want to decrease the number of people that don’t show up on time or at all by adding in a little more accountability. Whatever the case, Perklist’s integration with Waitlist Me gives businesses more flexibility in serving customers better while keeping things simple for their customers. Here’s more on how it works.

Guest experience: Guests have a simple view where they can see how many people are waiting and join the waitlist or make reservations. Once guests choose an option in Perklist, their information is pre-populated and they can add their party size along with any other relevant information.

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Guests can immediately see when their waitlist request is submitted and be updated once it is approved. As a business, you can choose whether to move guests up your waitlist to “skip the wait,” or slot them into the regular waitlist.

For reservations, guests have a simple way to make new reservations and view a history of their previous visits. They can also have options to pick specific tables or sections, depending on your assignment settings within Waitlist Me.

As Perklist was created by the same team as Waitlist Me, it is only natural that we’d have some parts of both services that work better together and solve challenges we have heard over the years. And we are just getting started.

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Waitlist Me: All your approval rules and web widget settings will be respected, including party size restrictions, business hours, input fields, and label customizations.

Reservation and waitlist requests have a Perklist tag, so you can see where these requests are coming from inside the Waitlist Me interface.

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It’s simple to link your Waitlist Me account with Perklist. After logging in to your Perklist account go Profile > Waitlist Connection. Here you can enter your Waitlist Me login credentials to link your account.

Once your account is linked, you will notice two additional Perks. These perks are disabled by default so you can enable them and choose which guests can access these benefits.

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